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Bristol couple to hold UK's first high-wire wedding

The daredevil couple Photo: ITV News

The UK's first ever high-wire wedding will be held on Friday in Somerset.

The couple from Bristol will start from opposite ends of a 75 metre-long high-wire and meet in the middle. They will then say 'I do' over the heads of 100 friends and family watching from the ground below.

A safety wire will be installed on the day, to the relief of the bride's mother Credit: ITV News

I've been a rope walker for 12 years and it was something I'd always dreamt of. I never thought I'd find a wife to agree but I proposed to Phoebe in Burma and one of the first conversations we had about it was me saying how cool it would be to get married on a high wire. She thought it was a crazy idea but to my surprise she actually said she'd be up for it.

– Chris Bull

It's all in a days work for the daredevil couple - 37-year-old Chris is a professional rope walker who met 25 year-old Chloe at a circus show where she was a costume designer.

The actual wedding is due to take place on Friday but the pair had a full dress rehearsal on Monday which went off without a hitch.

Don't look down! Credit: ITV News

I'm really excited, this is Chris and I all over! My mum was slightly nervous at the thought of the idea first of all, but we've agreed to install a safety wire at her request so she's fine now. Both of our families are really supportive of our circus lifestyle and we're looking forward to celebrating a special day together."

– Phoebe Baker