Nearly 95% of homes on sale in the South West unaffordable for first time buying families

Credit: Chris Radburn/PA

Nearly 95% of homes on sale in the South West aren't affordable for first time buyers, new research has shown.

In North Dorset where there are only eight affordable properties.

Housing charity Shelter analysed asking prices for thousands of properties for sale throughout the region and compared them with the mortgage an average family buying their first home could afford.

Exposing the depth of the region's housing shortage, the research revealed that only 6% of homes for sale in the South West are affordable for families that need at least two bedrooms - while only 1% are affordable for larger families looking for homes with three bedrooms or more.

The charity is now warning that unless politicians act swiftly to build the much-needed homes, families across the region will be forced to cope with continued instability and rocketing prices.

Additional research from the charity found that when asked whether or not a party is on their side, voters are likely to consider a pledge to build affordable homes among their top priorities when casting their vote.