Tentacled travellers on Dorset beaches

Scientists say the wind is pulling these jellyfish back to shore. Credit: Steve Trewhella, wildlife photographer

Dorset has a new migrant population - barrel jellyfish are washing up in their dozens on its shores. Not only are they here earlier in the year than usual, they are larger swarms of the translucent creatures than we're used to.

Wildlife photographer Steve Trewhella filmed himself swimming with one of them.

Steve Trewhella swimming with a barrel jellyfish near Chesil Beach, Dorset. Credit: Steve Trewhella

Scientists say these are probably jellyfish that survived through the last winter, and are now being pulled back onto shore by the wind.

The jellyfish are usually hurt by the time they get to the beach. Credit: ITV News

They are usually hurt by the time they get to the coast, and deteriorate quickly.

Most people will see them after they have washed up on the shore, dried out and dying on the sand.

The creatures are here in larger swarms than we usually see. Credit: ITV News