Somerset family say the NHS failed their sick baby

The parents of three-month-old Iona Smith say NHS failings nearly cost her her life. Credit: Family

A couple from Somerset say delays in diagnosing their baby with meningitis nearly cost her her life.

Three-month-old Iona Smith was ill for more than a week and prescribed mild painkillers by a doctor and paramedic, before she was finally sent to Yeovil District Hospital.

Amy and Chris Smith claim their pleas for help then went unanswered by A&E doctors - who sent Iona back to the waiting room to wait for a specialist.

It was only two-and-a-half hours later when she began to have a seizure that they say her illness was taken seriously.

Amy and Chris Smith say their daughter's illness was not taken seriously until she had a seizure. Credit: Family

The NHS Trust that runs the hospital says the health of babies can deteriorate quickly, and that Iona was treated properly, but her mother disagrees.

David Woodland has more in this report.