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What to do if you don't get the A level results you were expecting

A level results day isn't a day of celebration for everyone Photo: PA

If you haven't got the A level results you were expecting, don't panic. Remember, a course or university might accept you even if you didn't quite get the grades you were expecting, so it's worth putting in a phone call to the university to ask. Pupils should not rely upon it, but indications are that universities may be more flexible this year for those who narrowly miss their grade targets.

The other alternative is Clearing. This is the process where universities and colleges fill any places they still have on their courses.

If you didn't get the grades to get onto the course you were originally offered, Clearing is a great way to pick another university.

Available from July to September each year, it's a secondary route to use to get into higher education. You'll have to be flexible on the course subject and location though.

Use the search tool on the UCAS website to see which universities have space and in what subject. While it's an incredibly important decision to make, don't hang around trying to decide for too long, because you might be disappointed - places get snapped up pretty quickly.

Once you've picked a course, contact the university directly by telephone - the number should be on the Clearing index - to speak to someone about a place.