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Britain's oldest rescue cat rehomed after her story went global

Pops was found wandering the streets in May Photo: Cats Protection League

Britain's oldest rescue cat which was found wandering the streets at the age of 19 has been rehomed after her story went global.

Pops the cat was regularly overlooked because potential suitors were put off by her age and her terrifying eyes. She had slightly matted ginger fur, struggles to walk and is almost blind. And at 19 (or 93 in cat years) Pops was around five years older than the previous oldest moggy taken in by the Cats Protection League.

The charity made a national appeal for someone to rehome Pops - but they ended up receiving an international response.

Cat lovers from as far as Egypt and the USA got in touch to offer a retirement home for the previously unwanted animal, who was staying with the Cats Protection League in Radstock, near Bath.

The charity has revealed that Pops has been rehomed.

"Our homing officer Mollie has been inundated with phone calls about Pops.

We had nearly 200 offers to our website to home Pops not to mention the offers via Facebook.

We have had offers from the length and breadth of the country. As well as France, Germany, USA and Egypt.

However, as exciting as it would be for Pops to be a globe trotter it was important we re-homed her in her native Bath.

She is an elderly cat and, therefore, it was important she didn't have to travel a long distance.

Pops was certainly the oldest cat we are aware of in our care. We've had a 14 year old before but never one as old as her. It's great to see her finally find a home."

– Belinda Dark, Volunteer

Pops was found dazed and stumbling by the side of the road in May. She was rushed to the vets by a concerned member of the public, only to be told she was simply suffering from old age.

It is thought her owner may have been an elderly person who passed away - with family members forgetting about Pops.