Coroner questions if inquest into Anni Dewani's death should go ahead

A Coroner has questioned whether an inquest into Anni Dewani's death should go ahead Credit: ITV News

A coroner has questioned whether a UK-based inquest into the death of Anni Dewani should go ahead.

Bristol businessman Shrien Dewani was cleared of orchestrating the killing of his new bride who was fatally shot in a car jacking as the couple drove through the outskirts of Cape Town on November 14 2010.

This morning, at a pre-inquest hearing at North London Coroner's Court, Anni's father Vinod Hindocha, 66, and uncle Ashok Hindocha, 55, argued Mr Dewani should appear at an inquest to answer questions.

But coroner Andrew Walker told the family that Mr Dewani has a right not to answer questions that may incriminate himself and raised doubts over whether an inquest will take place.

34-year-old Mr Dewani was extradited to South Africa last year but the case collapsed after a judge found that it was "riddled with inconsistencies".

It meant he walked free before having to give evidence and has never spoken publicly about what happened.

Ashok Hindocha told today's hearing that there were discrepancies between what Mr Dewani had told the family, the press and the South African police, and asked for a "chance to hear the right story from him".

hrien Dewani leaves court after being cleared of murdering his wife Anni in Cape Town in 2010 Credit: ITV News

The inquest into Mrs Dewani's death opened in 2010 but was suspended pending the criminal investigation. Mr Walker said that another hearing would be held on October 9.