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Shelterbox raise concerns for migrants fleeing in winter

Thousands of people are arriving in Greece each day with few belongings and no form of shelter. Photo: Shelterbox

Aid workers for the Cornish charity Shelterbox currently working with Syrian refugees in Lesbos say they're worried about what will happen to people fleeing to Europe in the winter.

A team from the Helston-based charity has been on the Greek island of Lesbos helping in the huge effort to provide temporary shelter for the thousands of refugees who travelled there from Turkey.

Shelterbox help out by providing shelter for migrants Credit: Shelterbox

But there's concern there's no plan in place for dealing with the migrants when the weather turns colder.

We are leaving for the moment, because there is no overarching plan. Without that plan, we cannot continue to intervene to provide shelter, although we’re very conscious that winter is coming and rather than shade nets we need rain-proofing and blankets.

Without that plan, we’ll see a repeat of the same events that we witnessed earlier this month, and thousands of people will be sleeping in the open without food, water, protection from the elements or access to water and sanitation.

– Sam Hewett, team leader
Lining up for registration at the stadium, Lesvos Greece Credit: Shelterbox

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