Young woman pushes her bed from John o'Groats to Land's End

Rosie wants to raise £200,000 to set up a children's home in Bristol Credit: @FullReach

Rosie-Mai Iredale is well over nine hundred miles into her journey from John o'Groats to Land's End. But she has an unusual travelling companion ... her bed.

Over five years the youth worker wants to raise £200,000 to set up a children's home in Bristol - having had a difficult start in life, she wants to make sure more children grow up with a safe place to sleep.

And a comfortable place to sleep is something she's certainly lacking now. Over the past few weeks Rosie has camped out in roadsides, car parks, and had the odd night of luxury in a garden shed. She has just a sheet of tarpaulin for cover.

Watch her first vlog as she starts her epic journey somewhere in Scotland...where she's just made an unfortunate discovery:

And she's had many adventures and mishaps along the way.

We caught up his Rosie in Bristol to find out how's she's getting on.

She's due in Land's End in just over a fortnight.

But this incredible journey is only one aspect of her fundraising effort.

You can watch our full report on what happened when we found Rosie in Bristol below: