A coroner has ruled there is "no sufficient cause to resume an inquest" into the death of murdered honeymooner Anni Dewani.

Her husband, Shrien Dewani from Bristol, was cleared of arranging her fatal shooting in South Africa.

Anni's family have been pressing for an inquest, but the North London Coroner, who's overseeing the case, had raised doubts over whether one should take place, saying Dewani had a right not to answer questions that may incriminate himself.

Mrs Dewani, 28, was shot on the second night of her honeymoon as the couple drove through Gugulethu, Cape Town, in November 2010.

Mrs Dewani's family argued that there were still many unanswered questions about how she was killed.

Leaving court today, Anni Dewani's uncle, Ashok Hindocha, says they are going to look at "other options":

Anni's father, who did not speak afterwards, left the court in tears. See the court updates as it happened, from our reporter Caron Bell: