Will there be a tax on sugary drinks? Devon MP calls for anticipated report to be published

Dr Wollaston says the report sets out impartial evidence for and against the tax Credit: ITV News

The Devon MP Sarah Wollaston said today she was "deeply disappointed" that the government has still not published a report on whether to introduce a tax on sugary drinks.

The independent report is intended to form part of government measures to tackle childhood obesity - the subject of a review by the Health Select Committee which Dr Wollaston chairs.

It should have been published several months ago, but hasn't yet appeared, to the annoyance of Dr Wollaston, the MP for Totnes. She says we all need to be able to see the evidence on which the government will make the decision on a sugar tax:

We took to the streets of Plymouth to find out how members of the public feel about what should be done to reduce our sugar consumption:

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told MPs today that parliament will debate the obesity strategy, and the report will be published - although he didn't say when.