When was the last time you saw a hedgehog?

Devon Wildlife Trust - and some familiar faces - have some practical tips on saving our prickly pals. Credit: Wild About Gardens / Tom Marshall

Hedgehogs are disappearing. Research by People’s Trust for Endangered Species shows a

in just the last

There are now fewer than

But while they may be in decline, many of you have experienced your very own hedgehog encounters. Here are some of the best pictures:

Credit: Carol Thorne
Credit: Christina May Pillar
Credit: Kim Payne
Credit: Jo Barton

This year's Wild About Gardens Week is all about saving our prickly pals - and Devon Wildlife Trust is having a free Wild About Hedgehogs day on Thursday 29 October at its Cricklepit Mill, near Exeter’s historic quayside.

As well as hedgehog-themed games and crafts there'll be advice on making your garden more hedgehog-friendly.

Celebrities including Twiggy, Ben Fogle and Bill Oddie are joining in the fun, and calling on gardeners to save hedgehogs - with some handy practical advice.