Hedgehog numbers down 30% since 2002

Hedgehog eating cat food in the garden Credit: PA: Peter Steffen

People are being urged to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly as research by People’s Trust for Endangered Species shows hedgehogs have declined by 30% in the last 10 years alone. There are now thought to be fewer than one million left in the UK.

Devon Wildlife Trust is encouraging people to hedgehog holes in fences and is working with other organisations to make people more aware of how they can help hedgehogs. One suggestion is putting hedgehog holes in fences.

Linda Squires runs Hedgehog Care & Rehab Plymouth and says more and more hedgehogs are being found in urban areas because of loss of habitat.

In 11 years she has never turned away a hedgehog until now; the centre she founded and runs is full of hedgehogs that need care.