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Kylie v Bob: Did the right pumpkin win?

Did the right pumpkin win? Photo: ITV West Country

Carve the perfect pumpkin: that's the challenge we set Kylie Pentelow and Bob Crampton - and today was the day of the showdown.

But was the right pumpkin crowned champion? Many of you have been weighing in on whose you like better... and it's time to find out.

But first! Here's a bit from you. We've been asking all you Halloween enthusiasts to send in pictures of the pumpkins you've carved - and you have not disappointed. Here are our favourites - set to a familiar tune...

Here are some of your thoughts on who should win...

And here was the moment of truth...

What do you think - did the right pumpkin win? By the way if you're curious about that weather forecast, you can find the latest with Bob here.

Kylie's witch weathervane (l) and Bob's Kylie Pentelow (r): did the right pumpkin win?

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