Meet the youngest person in the world to spot 4000 different birds

Mya-Rose has been a twitcher since she was just four years old

A schoolgirl from Somerset has become the youngest birdwatcher in the world to spot 4,000 different species.

Thirteen year-old Mya-Rose Craig has travelled the world with her parents to become a record breaking twitcher.

Her latest spot was a red-throated tit in Kenya.

Mya-Rose, who lives in Compton Martin, has been bird watching with her family since she was just a few months old. Her mum decided she was old enough to start counting birds on her own after she turned four.

Globe-trotting twitcher

Here are just some of the places Mya has travelled looking for birds.

  • Columbia

  • Bolivia

  • Peru

  • Ecuador

  • Egypt

  • Malaysia

  • Majorca

  • Australia

This December she'll reach her 7th continent - visiting Antarctica to watch the penguins.

And the winner is.....

Having seen 4,000 different types of birds, which is Mya's absolute favourite?

The winner: the South Cassowary. A large flightless bird related to the emu. These are a tricky spot so Mya was especially glad to track one down.