Bristol stroke survivor bounces into the record books

Dr Martin Mienczakowski spent months training for the attempt Credit: ITV News

A man who battled back after having a stroke six years ago has now set a new world record for travelling almost ten miles - on a space hopper!

Dr Martin Mienczakowski, a research associate from Bristol University, doubled the previous record for the furthest distance travelled on the giant bouncy ball in 24 hours.


laps of the Kip Keino Stadium, Bristol


The total distance hopped

One of my ambitions has always been to set a world record.

Martin Mienczakowski

Martin suffered a stroke on Christmas Day in 2009 aged just 25. He completed the space hoppper challenge to raise money and awareness for the Stroke Association.

Only 5% of people who suffer a stroke will make a full recovery, 6 years later, Martin is now fighting - and 'bouncing' - fit.

Always up for a challenge - Martin and friends on a 100 mile trek Credit: ITV News

Just 6 months after his stroke, Martin took on a 100 mile trek through the Scottish Highlands despite the impact of his illness.

Martin says throughout his recovery he's concentrated on how he can do things and not why he can't do them.

Martin perfected his technique in the parks of Bristol Credit: ITV News

The Guinness World Records will need to verify the achievement, but the previous record was 5 miles.