85,000 new homes for the West - have your say

The West needs 85,000 new homes by 2036, according to four local authorities. That is 29,000 more than originally planned.

The four councils - Bristol, North Somerset, Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire - have decided to work together to plan the new housing and all the roads and other infrastructure that will need to go with them.

Today (Monday 9 November) they have opened a 12-week public consultation so you can have your say on what sort of development should go where.

Here is how to get involved in shaping the West of England Joint Spacial Plan, to give it its full title:

- Check out the detail on its website (www.jointplanningwofe.org.uk) which contains information about the development options

- Email your comments or questions to comment@jointplanningwofe.org.uk

- Send written comments to: West of England Joint Planning Consultation, c/o South Gloucestershire Council, PO Box 299, Corporate Research and Consultation Team, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 0DR

- Attend one of a series of local events being held across the West of England over the coming weeks. Details are available from the website (www.jointplanningwofe.org.uk)

- Follow the Twitter feed @WEJointPlanning which will provide updates on the consultation process and give your views using the #WEbuildourfuture hashtag

The Joint Spacial Plan will be published in Autumn 2016, and finally submitted to the Government in 2017. It could be formally adopted in early 2018. If you want to have your say in shaping it, now is your chance!