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School cooks head to the Palace of Westminster

A school chef from Devon has got the chance to see what life is like in the kitchen at the Palace of Westminster.

Sam Ward was selected to swap her primary school in Paignton for the House of Commons - and find out if politicians are just as fussy about their food as some children can be.

Joining the team of chefs in London, Sam had to help out with three lunches for up to 60 people, and an evening reception, with canapés for 200.

Sam says they used a lot of the same ingredients as in the school kitchen, but put a bigger emphasis on presentation. Credit: ITV News

She said it was frantic, but lots of fun:

Among the dishes on offer was bread and butter pudding - familiar school dinner fare - but this one was served with a medley of mushrooms.

Sponge cakes with meringue, madeleines, rose syrup and clementine sorbet were also served.

Room for pudding? Credit: ITV News

Sam was chosen for this experience because of her immense skill and commitment to getting children to eat well. Her mentor for the day says she was very impressive:

It's a big shock to work in such a big kitchen and see the amount of work we had to do, but she's grasped it and throughly enjoyed it and helped throughout the day.

– Mark Grenham, Banquet and Sous Chef
At the end of the day, the school chefs get to enjoy a taste of their efforts. Credit: ITV News

So, from pupils to politicians...would Sam do it all over again?

Absolutely, I'd be here tomorrow if they'd let me!

– Sam Ward, Collaton Primary School

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