Becky's family say they finally have justice

Sam and Joe Galsworthy say justice has finally and fully been done. Credit: ITV News

As the judge hands out sentences to Becky Watts' stepbrother Nathan Matthews and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare for her murder and killing respectively, her uncles have been giving their reaction to our reporter Richard Payne.

Sam and Joe Galsworthy told us that justice has finally and fully been done. They said that no sentence will ever be long enough but the ordeal is over and they can now focus on more positive things.

They were also moved that the judge, Mr Justice Dingemans, appeared to break down in tears as a reflection of how much Becky's loss has meant.

Watch Richard Payne's interview with the Galsworthys:

After a break while they recover from the trial and its implications, the brothers say they will be working on the Becky Watts Foundation in her memory.