Student sent home after dying his hair ginger

Ivybridge Community College sent the student sent home after he dyed his hair ginger Credit: Ivybridge Community College/ Twitter

A furious father has hit out after his step-son was sent home from school - after turning up with ginger hair. Owen Taylor, 16, died his naturally blond hair a "reddish-pink" before heading into classes at Ivybridge Community College last Monday. But the sixth-form student was sent home by teachers at the school in Ivybridge, Devon, until he changes his "extreme" new do.

The school has said the year 12 student can come back when his hair "meets the published requirements". But his step-dad, Steve Casey, 49, has hit out at the school, claiming there is no rule in the sixth form student's planner that states it is against the rules to dye his hair.

Owen was suspended for a similar incident in Year 11 when he dyed his hair blue. Mr Casey said that during that incident the school decided to pay for Owen to visit a hairdresser to have it re-coloured. He was allowed to attend school for an exam last week, but had to leave the grounds immediately after.

In a statement deputy principal Gill Taylor said: "Many schools adopt different approaches to school uniform. Given the breadth of the current educational landscape, this is a benefit to parents in enabling them to choose a school that they believe meets their values and offers the style of education they deem most appropriate for their children."

"The student has neither been suspended or excluded but asked to attend school when their uniform, including hairstyle, meets the published requirements. This can easily be resolved."

"Regrettably, this is the second occasion in which this student finds themselves in this position. The college approach remains the same and has been followed in a predictable fashion in line with procedure."