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Exeter MP: Jeremy Corbyn 'has never had to make a difficult decision in his life'

Exeter's Labour MP Ben Bradshaw has made his strongest attack so far on the party leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying he is "on a learning curve" and has "never had to make a difficult decision in his life."

Speaking to Ian Axton on The West Country at Westminster, the MP focused his criticism on his party leader's response to Syria in the light of the Paris attacks.

Ben Bradshaw was quick to dismiss suggestions that United Nations authorisation is required for Britain to launch airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria.

But, as Ian Axton pointed out - this is in direct contradiction to Jeremy Corbyn's position.

See the MP's reaction:

Ben Bradshaw added the leadership should focus on domestic policy, where the party is united.

On security and foreign policy Jeremy is furthest away from the centre of gravity, not just in the Labour Party but in the country, than on any other issue.

– Ben Bradshaw MP

ITV West Country's Ian Axton also asked the Exeter MP whether he was angry about Jeremy Corbyn's policy towards shoot to kill:

A lot of us were very angry and upset.

Labour is in favour of the use of lethal force against terrorists where necessary, and in favour of drone strikes.

– Ben Bradshaw MP

The question comes after a furious tweet by the Exeter MP - since deleted- in response to Mr Corbyn saying he was “not happy” that armed officers and special forces had an order to kill extremists.

Mr Bradshaw tweeted: “Please tell me it’s not true Jeremy has said that faced with Kalashnikov wielding genocidal fascists our security forces should not shoot?”

The tweet has since been deleted

Mr Bradshaw described the leader as being on a learning curve and "never having had to make a difficult decision".

Ian Axton then put the ultimate question to him - would he trust Jeremy Corbyn with the keys to Number 10?

He has won the leadership with a huge mandate, which we should respect. But the events of the last week show he is on a learning curve.

He has to learn that some of the positions he has adopted in the past are just not tenable when you are hoping to be Prime Minister.

– Ben Bradshaw MP