The number of parents being terrorised and assaulted by their own children is growing, a West Country charity has warned.

Violence against parents goes largely unreported as they attempt to protect their children from the authorities.

ITV News spoke to two women who have both been been abused by their children. They live in the West Country, but their identities have been concealed.

As these accounts show, domestic abuse from a child can can be a truly terrifying experience:

Another woman, who was unwell, proved unable to stand up to her daughter when she turned violent:

Abuse between child and parents can even be fatal.

Andrew Cane murdered his mother Linda Sheard in 2012. The attack on the 63-year-old followed an argument over his cocaine use at the house they shared in Exmouth.

Andrew Cane was jailed for life.


Cases like these are now worryingly on the increase and it's prompted Safer Devon Partnership to launch an initiative to raise awareness of domestic abuse.


parents who were murdered by their own children in 2014


parents killed by their child in the first 6 months of 2015


of abused parents who didn't seek help because they didn't know where to turn to

The campaign wants to make it clear that while arguments maybe a part of everyday family life, abusive behaviour is not.

[Survivors Empowering and Educating Domestic Abuse Services]( created this memorial tree for victims of abuse:

This tribute tree shows how prevalent the issue has become.
Each label represents a case of domestic abuse from child to parent.

Police say that the difficulty in reaching out to a mother or father living with abusive behaviour is to help them understand that by asking for help they are not a failing parent or putting their child at risk

We're encouraging people to report - we've got better working with agencies and partners. Although we've seen an increase in domestic abuse crime reported, that's a positive thing because we're finding out what's actually going on for people.

Supt Sam de Reya, Devon & Cornwall Police