Bristol's controversial Residents' Parking Scheme extended to Southville

The RPZ will operate Monday-Saturday along North Street

The latest of Bristol's controversial resident's parking schemes goes live in Southville today.

On North Street the parking restrictions will also be extended to Saturdays.

Some business owners in Southville fear it will hit trade - it's after more than a third of business in another part of the city said they would seriously consider leaving the area as a direct result of the RPZ being introduced.

The Southville area includes some three-hour pay and display parking bays near shops, businesses and other community facilities. People will be able to park for free for half an hour, or pay £1 an hour for longer stays.It's hope that these measures will still allow people to make short visits to local shops and businesses while maintaining a turnover of spaces.

Mayor George Ferguson remains adamant his city-wide plans are good for residents and will cut congestion.