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West Country MPs making their minds up on Syria airstrikes

David Cameron sets out his case for the extension of RAF airstrikes from Iraq to Syria. Credit: PA Images

Political Correspondent Bob Constantine

MPs from across the region are today having briefings from senior ministers amid signs that they will all, or almost all, back military airstrikes against Syria in tomorrow's vote.

The motion refers to the UN resolution calling on states to take "all necessary measures" to prevent terrorist acts by ISIL, which it describes as posing a direct threat to the UK.

Significantly, it only refers to airstrikes against ISIL (as opposed to any other groups) and specifically rules out the use of UK troops in ground operations.

Although some West Conservative MPs still say they need to consider the motion more fully, I expect them all to support the government. None have so far come out in opposition alongside noted sceptics like John Barron or David Davis.

Credit: PA Images

The attitude of our Labour MPs is less clear-cut. Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East) is a member of the Shadow cabinet and will support the leader by voting against. However she told me in a text she was not totally opposed to the idea of intervention adding: "I think there are strong arguments in favour but (we're) not there yet".

On her website, Karin Smyth (Bristol South) said she was still reflecting on the matter, particularly whether the action proposed would make the situation in Syria "better or worse for those who live there, and whether it can succeed in reducing the clear threat we face from ISIL here in the UK".

Thangam Debbonaire (Bristol West) is still on sick leave and will not take part in the vote.

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