Uncertain future for lollipop men and women in Devon

Uncertain future for lollipop men and women in Devon Credit: ITV News

Parents fear the safety of their children will be put in danger by a new wave of council cuts which could see an end to school crossing patrols in Devon.

The county council wants to stop funding lollipop men and women - leaving schools to pick up the bill.

One option could see volunteers being asked to help children across dangerous roads near their schools.

A consultation reviewing how school crossing patrols should be funded and provided in the county is being carried out by Devon County Council.

The authority is exploring ways to maintain the service while looking to save £250,000 from the service’s budget in the coming financial year. It is part of £110 million of savings required over the next four years.

Helen Freeman is a lollipop woman in Barnstaple. She was 'shocked' to received a letter from the council outlining cuts to the lollipop service which may happen.