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Turnip Prize goes to Banksy tribute

Turner Prize 2015 winners "Assemble" Credit: PA

As a collective of 16 young artists, architects and designers wins the £25,000 Turner Prize for the work Granby Four Streets, a more low key ceremony has taken place at a Somerset pub.

The New Inn in Wedmore comes up with its mock Turnip Prize every year, celebrating the work with the least amount of effort. It is very much a dig at the prestigious event and the prize is a mere turnip mounted on a nail.

This year's winner of the 'coveted' turnip, is 53-year-old "Bonksy" for his work entitled “Dismal And” - a doodled ampersand looking, well dismal.

The artwork is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Bristol artist Banksy and his hugely popular "Dismaland" exhibition in Weston-super-Mare.

The artist, the winning work and the coveted turnip. Credit: Trevor Prideaux

This year’s event attracted a total of 69 entries, which is exactly the same as last year. It’s fantastic that Bonksy has won, he clearly has what it takes to be recognised in modern art circles and will be remembered in art history for no time at all!

– Trevor Prideaux, Organiser

Some of the other works shortlisted for the 17th Turnip Prize

“A Roll in the Hay” Credit: Imogen Crees
“A Clean Slate” Credit: Asif
“Staple Diet” Credit: Art Ist
“Danger Mouse” Credit: P Enfold