New recruits: four police pups join the fight against crime in Cornwall

Roz, Roxy, Ronnie and Rocky are settling in to their handler's home. Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police

Meet the latest recruits to the Cornwall police force:

These four puppies have been brought over from Germany to begin their police dog training.

It was a stressful experience driving back and just praying we didn't break down on the motorways coming through Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. This is my third trip to Germany and as far as I am concerned the quality of the dogs makes the journey well worth it"

Paul Glennon, Devon and Cornwall police dog handler

Mr Glennon added that it is also cheaper to buy their police dogs from Germany - with each puppy costing £750. In the UK, he thinks the dogs would cost around £1000.

"Also financially it is actually cheaper to purchase dogs from Germany than it is in the UK," he added.

The pups cost £750 each. Speaking via his blog, Mr Glennon said they would have cost £1,000 each if bought in the UK.


Roz Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police
Roxy Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police
Ronnie Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police
Rocky Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police