Carers in isolation: where you can get help and advice

More than half a million people across the South West are acting as full-time carers for their loved ones and as many as 8 in 10 say they feel isolated because of the role.

The pressures of caring can be massive and unrelenting and in many cases carers end up isolated and alone with little support from the NHS and councils.

The allowances they receive mean some end up caring for the equivalent of just 69p an hour but often it's the cost to their quality of life that becomes far more damaging.

For many asking for help is difficult but the advice is always to get support if you need it. So where can carers turn to get help and company when it all becomes too much?

As always there's plenty of support online at Carers UK among other sites.

Carers can also turn to their local authority to ask for support and often they will get some of the help they need.

Perhaps most useful of all are local carers groups where carers can come together and be with others who know what the pressures of caring are really like.

Below is a list of places you can go to get help with caring: