Fifty years in the making: South Devon Highway finally opens

The moment the Kingskerswell bypass opened this morning Credit: ITV News

Fifty years after it was first proposed, the South Devon Highway has opened.

The 5.5 kilometre bypass around the village of Kingskerswell has taken three years to build and cost more than £110 million.

35,000 cars are expected to use the route every day, taking traffic away from the village of Kingskerswell. Much of the road is a dual carriageway, which it's hoped will significantly shorten journey times on the main route in and out of Torbay.

The highway opened at around 4.30am this morning, with drivers queueing up to travel on the new multi-million pound piece of tarmac.


Since the Kingskerswell bypass was first proposed


Cost of constructing the road


Cars will use the new route every day

It is estimated that 8,000 new jobs will be created in and around Torbay now the road is open - improved traffic flow will encouraging business confidence and investment.

For now, it will be the commuters who benefit in the run up to Christmas.