As the winter nights draw in and more of us become susceptible to colds, flu and sickness, who should we turn to when we get ill?

Every year around 40,000 people die because of the cold. Those are mainly older persons, but it puts a strain on the health service. This year NHS England South West has been given its winter money in April so managers have been able to plan earlier.

However, health professionals say patients should be smarter about their illnesses to prevent a build up of those at GP surgeries and A and E.

NHS England South West is encouraging more of us to visit pharmacies and self treat, making the most of the health provisions we have on offer in the community.

"There is a whole range of things. If someone is suffering from a cold or a cough. Then self care is often most appropriate, or visiting the pharmacist if they want advice."

Carolyn Plows, Health Centre Manager

We asked people what they do when they get a cold or flu: