Volunteers praised as Modbury shops flood

Business owners were forced to clear away flood waters for the 40th time in seven years

Businesses and homes have been flooded in Modbury. Gusts of more than 60mph were recorded and heavy downpours forced the closure of the main street through the town.

But despite the heavy downpour business owners in Modbury have praised local workers and volunteers who helped clean up flood waters, and bail out those in need.

We got the carpet out to the back of the shop, and of course, all our stock, clothes and things, we got that off, but it was all done by volunteers - people in the shop and people passing by and if it had been out of hours the whole shop would have been completely flooded.

Kate West, the Old Bakery

Owners of the Exeter Inn, Nicola and Phil Shaw, praised the locals for helping with the clean out.