27 tonnes of pink plastic bottles set to wash up on Cornish beach

The plastic bottles washed up on the coast of Cornwall at Poldhu beach, near Mullion. Credit: Ross Hocking

Hundreds of bright pink plastic bottles have washed up on the shores of beaches in Cornwall - and more could be on the way.

The unmarked bottles - thought to contain a stain remover such as Vanish - are sealed, although some have leaked and have been seen spouting foam from their tops as they litter the sand.

Many more tonnes of bottles could be washing ashore in the near future. Credit: ITV West Country

The National Trust said it believed a container had gone overboard from a ship in May and the bottles settled on the seabed. It means many more tonnes could be washing ashore.

Volunteers organised a spontaneous beach clean to pick up the scattered pink litter. Credit: Ross Hocking

National Trust volunteers have been clearing them away as they pose a risk to wildlife.

They've been joined by groups of local volunteers. Ross Hocking and Thomas Gilbert both spent much of the day picking up the bottles. They sent us this video describing the spontaneous beach clean:

Justin Whitehouse from the National Trust, explains how the bottles got from Lands End to the cove:

Although the "MV BLUE OCEAN" lost a container containing bottles of washing detergent ‘Vanish’, Cornwall Council say there is no available evidence that the bottles washed up on the coast are from this container.


Cornwall Council has said it will be monitoring beaches in the area but urges the public to keep away from the bottles, unless they're part of the National Trust beach clean.

The National Trust, the owner of Poldhu beach, are organising the beach clean. Credit: ITV West Country