Volunteers step in as primary school floods again

A young volunteer helps fire crews wash away the mud from the flooded school. Credit: Isaac Lawrence

Volunteers have stepped in after Tipton St John Primary School near Sidmouth flooded yet again in the wake of Storm Frank.

The grounds became inundated with water and mud on 30 December.

The school site is vulnerable to flooding and has been hit many times, including in 2008 when it was evacuated for six months while repair work was carried out.

Devon County Councillor Claire Wright is calling for the school to be rebuilt elsewhere in the village.

In the meantime the community rallied round to clean up the site ready for the start of term.

Here are some images from today's Day of Action

Devon & Somerset firefighters find a new recruit to help them hose the mud from the water-logged grounds Credit: Isaac Lawrence
A small army of volunteers help sweep the school site clear of mud Credit: Isaac Lawrence
Brushes at the ready - the school has got to be mud-free by tomorrow Credit: Isaac Lawrence
Pupils work with the local fire service to make sure their school is back in action for the start of term Credit: Isaac Lawrence