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How far would you go to save a cow?

One man from Dartmouth travelled 100 miles to do save a very special cow. Photo: ITV West Country

How far would you go to save a cow? Well one man from Dartmouth travelled 100 miles to do just that.

Ben Drury had a change of heart after selling the prize cow he'd owned since birth to a butcher, so he decided to mount a rescue mission.

Ben Drury went on a rescue mission to save his prize cow, Cherry. Credit: ITV West Country

Ben had reservations about selling his prize cow, Cherry after she won 6 prizes at Dartmouth's Fatstock Agricultural Show, including 'Local Champion'.

Cherry is a prize winning heifer, it's no wonder Ben had second thoughts. Credit: ITV West Country

It was just before Christmas that Ben - decided to sell Cherry off at auction when his friends suggested he put a put a high reserve on her.

Despite his reluctance, Cherry sold for £1,500.

Cherry is now reunited with her grandmother, aunt and mother. Credit: ITV West Country

Ben's a first generation farmer and and with him still owning Cherry's grandmother, aunt and mother he knew he regretted selling her.

So the next day - he made a frantic early morning call to the butcher who'd bought her.

Thanks to Ben, Cherry became possibly Devon's luckiest heifer. Credit: ITV West Country

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