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Devon Dad who lost son to suicide wants to help others

Paul Stevens' son took his own life in 2012 Photo: ITV West Country

The father from Barnstaple devastated by the suicide of his son - wants to help other bereaved parents.

Paul Stevens was stunned when he heard his son had committed suicide. His family had no idea he was in such despair.

Daniel was just 22 years old when he committed suicide Credit: ITV West Country

Paul says Dan was fit as a fiddle and had good bunch of friends.

Paul was back at work the day after. Nowhe realises this is part of the problem that men have with their emotions.

Paul got help with his grief from Clarity, based in Barnstaple.

They're working on a new scheme to help people who are grieving the loss of a loved one who takes their own life.

Men account for nearly four in every fives suicides and numbers are at their highest for nearly a decade.

Paul is organising a charity walk from Bideford to Barnstaple Credit: ITV West Country

Bereavement is painful for us, all of us, however we are bereaved, but bereavement through suicide is something that leaves that family with not only a hole in their family but a hole in their hearts that they can't fill, because it's filled with the question why, 'Why did this person that I love do this?'

– Penny Arber, Clarity

Paul is organising a charity walk to raise money and awareness on July 16th. He also wants to promote the charity's work in suicide prevention which is the biggest cause of death in young men.

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