Mosque overwhelmed as hundreds turn up for tea

Jamia Mosque saw a steady stream of people flood through its doors Credit: ITV West Country

A mosque at the centre of an alleged race attack has been overwhelmed after hundreds poured through its doors in support.

They came in droves for the most British of rituals, a cup of tea, to show that the feeling of those who targeted the place of worship was in the minority.

Organisers at the Totterdown Mosque say they were overwhelmed.

Those attending said they were supporting the community, and the incident had done nothing but weld people together.

People from different races and cultures turned up when the mosque opened its doors on Sunday.

Hundreds turned up as the mosque opened its doors Credit: ITV West Country

Alongside the British staple of tea, coffee and biscuits, 'tea at the mosque' also saw samosas and pakoras passed around.

Speeches were given by members of the mosque, different faith communities, the police and Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson.

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