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Dairy farmers plan to march on Downing Street as milk prices row deepens

Dairy farmers are planning a march on Downing Street to protest the current crisis in their industry. Credit: ITV News

Dairy farmers from across the region are planning to march on Downing Street as the row over what they are paid for producing milk deepens.

A representative from the National Farmers Union says the industry is in an absolute crisis and facing a "bloodbath".

The news comes after it was revealed a major retailer is cutting the price it pays for milk from Monday.

Report from Bob Cruwys

Rob Harrison, the Chairman of the National Farmers Union Dairy Board, said this week that farmers should seriously consider whether they could survive the current crisis.

He urged dairy farmers to consider their future and make plans for what to do if the industry goes under.

The industry crisis has been described as a Credit: ITV News
In previous protests dairy farmers have blockaded supermarkets. Credit: ITV News

but farmers say this protest will be different.

They are planning a march through London to deliver a serious message and a letter to Downing Street calling for David Cameron and his government to listen to and help the grass-roots of agriculture.

The dairy farmers say they cannot keep producing milk at a loss and are refusing to go down without a fight.