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'Take us more seriously' teen cancer sufferer demands

Nads wants young people to be taken more seriously when they go to the doctors complaining of feeling unwell Photo: Family

A teenager who is battling a rare form of cancer in her face says she wants others her age to be taken more seriously by the doctors when they complain of feeling unwell.

Nadia Hobbs says it took many weeks for doctors to diagnose that what she had was an aggressive cancer.

Nads, as she prefers to be called, first found out she had a rare, aggressive cancer in her cheek in October.

The first signs that all was not well with the teenager from Exeter were when she noticed a small, painful lump in her face.

After weeks of being misdiagnosed as having either a cyst, possibly mumps or glandular fever the lump began to grow and the pain became unbearable.

More weeks went past and she was bumped between GP and dentist appointments before it was eventually discovered the 18-year-old had rhabdomyosarcoma.

It's obviously a very very trying time but I keep strong for Nads, Nads has her moments and I just want to be there and support her in every way you that she needs me, she needs a strong mum.

– Rachel Hobbs, Nad's mother

Nadia's form of cancer is common in children but not for someone of her age.

The brave teen has had to endure three weekly cycles of chemo - but she says one of the most difficult things to cope with has been losing her long hair.

In the near future Nads said she will, most likely, have to travel to Birmingham to have major surgery on her cheek and jaw.

But, in an attempt to keep their minds off that, her friends and family are raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which they say has been a huge support to them.

Aside from her recovery, what Nads wants is for young people like her to be taken more seriously when they go to the doctors complaining of feeling unwell - because she now knows all too well, cancer can effect anyone.

Credit: Family
Nads has to take a concoction of pills now Credit: ITV West Country

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