College on track for more Olympic hopefuls as funding secures 50m pool

Mount Kelly's current swimming pool Credit: ITV West Country

Ten years after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics, the access to sufficient PE and school sport for youngsters is, still a major talking point.

The Olympic Legacy is all about making a long term commitment to sport and one college in Tavistock is on the verge of seeing big changes thanks to funding from Sport England.

Over the years Mount Kelly - or Kelly College as it used to be known - has helped develop the swimming careers of more than 60 international swimmers.

An incredible 19 of those have competed at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Now the school is building an eight-lane, 50m pool to train elite swimmers and encourage young hopefuls. It'll be used by Mount Kelly pupils, local and regional state schools and swimming clubs from around the UK.

The new pool will cost in the region of £6million pounds, which the School has had to find around half of, and there's been £700,000 of Sport England National Lottery funding.

Swimmers in the current 25m pool Credit: ITV West Country

If the building work goes according to plan, come August these elite swimmers will be able to train everyday in an Olympic size pool rather than their current twenty five metre one.

For some people the London Olympic legacy of a fitter, healthier nation looks further away than ever but these West Country youngsters have no such complaints

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