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Blooming weird: why flowers are blossoming as early as February

Nature is being confused by the changing climate. Photo: Emily Whitfield-Wicks

Gardeners at the Eden Project in Cornwall are shocked to see that summer flowers are already blooming in the project’s outdoor gardens.

In the middle of what they say is the weirdest winter they've ever seen, the team have noted many signs of how nature is being confused by the changing climate.

It seems some plants in the steeply-sloping Mediterranean outdoors area are bursting into colour months before they would be expected to be in bloom.

Early colour at Eden includes the diminutive deep pink flowers of the Fuchsia microphylla. Credit: Emily Whitfield-Wicks

Eden's lead outdoor horticulturist says it's the most unusual time of season for the flowers to be flourishing.

This is the most unusual early flowering activity we’ve seen in the 15 years since Eden opened.

While we have become used to some spring flowers blooming slightly earlier than expected, to have so many plants flower this early is just staggering.

– Julie Kendall
Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis fruticosa) flowering at the Eden Project. Credit: Emily Whitfield-Wicks

Cornwall is renowned for its mild, muggy climate. Extremes of temperature are rarer than other parts of the UK, and as a consequence the Duchy boasts a vast array of exotic plants.

According to the Met Office, last year (2015) was the warmest in recorded history, and 2016 is expected to be even hotter.

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