Meet the Plymouth vicar who's built his own Dalek

Vicar Karl Freeman has built his own fully-operational, life-size Dalek. Credit: ITV West Country

A peaceful chapel is probably one of the last places you'd expect to find a Dalek - Dr Who's exterminating, shiny enemy.

But at the Royal Citadel chapel in St Katherine-upon-the-Hoe, one of the iconic figures dominates the building.

It's all thanks to Reverend Karl Freeman, the creator of the impressive replica. He doesn't have a secret wish to exterminate his parishioners, instead, he uses the figurine for a holiday club about good and evil.

The Plymouth Dalek took six months to create, and is powered by a modified mobility scooter. The creature has also raised thousands of pounds for charity.

Our reporter Richard Lawrence went to meet the vicar behind the creation, who also manages to do a good Dalek impression...