Mother writes touching Facebook post to a stranger on the school run who changed her life

The writer says she now spends more time with her family after watching the anonymous stranger with her five children Credit: ITV News

A mother has written a touching Facebook post to a stranger 'with crazy blonde curly hair' after watching her on the school run over the last ten years inspired her to change her own life.

The post - shared on the Spotted Torquay Facebook page - has now been seen by thousands of people around the world.

Rachaele Hambleton posted the moving message online to say how she had been inspired by the complete stranger who she sees walking her children to school across Shaldon bridge, near Teignmouth in Devon, every morning.

She's since reduced her working hours so she can spend more time with her own children.

Rachaele Hambleton felt compelled to write the post after watching the stranger walk her children to school across Shaldon bridge every morning for the last 10 years Credit: ITV News

"This lady made me realise that actually I should work a little less, and learn to manage a little more...

"So as I drove past you this morning and I saw you kissing your daughter on the forehead who once I saw as a tiny baby and is now a little lady...and your dog was walking at a much slower pace beside you now he's so much older and I imagine all your other children have now grown up and go to secondary school and walk themselves to school...I just wanted to post on here, in the hope somehow it will reach you, to say thank you...because of you I have now reduced my working I can spend some mornings at home doing the crazy school runs with all my babies!"

Credit: Facebook

Nearly 300 people have left comments on the post - many were very touched by the story and several people say they were "brought to tears" by Rachaele's words.

This is beautiful, I've seen the same lady many times always thought the same. Well done you for posting this. Simply beautiful."

Emily Hatt, Facebook

I love this post ..... You never get this precious time back - if you can, take every minute you can with your children"

Jenna Bigwood

This post has made me feel less guilty about not working, as a "stay at home mum" I constantly feel judged for not working full time, always trying to justify it."

Nicky Perkins

Her words even moved the curators of the Spotted Torquay Facebook page, where Rachaele first posted her tribute.

Wish I could pick up my kids from school today. I think mothers and fathers across Devon (and further afield) are re thinking the amount of time they spend at work."

Spotted Torquay

Response from 'the beautiful stranger with crazy hair'

Since the original post went viral, the woman it was dedicated to - known only as Naomi, got in touch with Rachaele to thank her for the tribute.

Hello, I'm the lady with the crazy blonde hair!! My goodness....what a truly beautiful post, I feel very honored to have made a difference to your life without even knowing it."

Naomi, via Spotted Torquay
Credit: Facebook

"That short walk across Shaldon bridge is my little bit of therapy and how blessed we all are to live in such a beautiful part of the world! I am taking the credit for SO many other parents who do exactly the same as me so for all the other parents, that post was for you too!!!"

"I know that everyone's life is different and sometimes life doesn't enable us all to spend the time with our children that we wish but I believe being there for those simple day to day moments creates long lasting memories for all!"