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New radiotherapy treatment trialled in Bristol

The robotic arms Photo: ITV West Country

The Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre is trialling a new form of radiotherapy treatment that's modern and more precise than previous techniques. Doctors still deliver a high dose of radiation, but this is more accurate and will cause less damage to other areas of the body.

This patient is having his SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy) radiation treatment.

The robotic arms, like those used to build cars on automated assembly lines, rotate around the body - shooting hundreds of beams of radiation from multiple angles, with pinpoint accuracy to try and destroy the tumour in his lung.

Simon's had five treatments over two weeks, it's all part of a new clinical trial. Credit: ITV West Country

This is Simon's final round - he's had five treatments over two weeks - and is part of a clinical trial at University Hospital's Bristol.

It could lead to a major change in the way some small cancers are treated. Instead of invasive surgery - Charles Comins explains how this is designed to eradicate cancer with no aesthetic, incisions or the the standard side effects of chemotherapy.

Simon considers himself lucky - living in Weston Super Mare, this innovative treatment is close to home and the only place in the South West to offer it.

Simon and his medical team would otherwise have to consider alternative treatments Credit: ITV West Country