Transatlantic sailors vow to carry on despite needing nine rescues in seven months

A fire recently broke out on board after the pair failed to tie up their yacht correctly and it tipped over. Credit: ITV News

Two sailors have told ITV Westcountry they still plan to make their voyage from Cornwall to America despite needing help from emergency services nine times in the past seven months.

Bob Weise and Steve Shaprio, both 71, left Norway in July.

But this week the two yachtsmen called rescue teams a ninth time after failing to tie up their yacht correctly in Hayle, Cornwall. It then tipped over, causing a fire on board.

Today the pair, who are from North America, insisted they will still cross the Atlantic despite a long history of difficulties which required them to call on rescue teams in Norway, Denmark, Scotland and Ireland.

  • UK: three rescues in Cornwall

  • Norway: the propeller shaft was damaged

  • Denmark: the battery failed

  • Scotland: two rescue after running aground and more issued with the propeller

  • Northern Ireland: the boat ran aground

  • Ireland: the boat ran aground