Couple 'unwittingly' helped hide body of Becky Watts

Karl Demetrius and Jaydene Parsons Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

A couple who "unwittingly" assisted the murderer of teenager Becky Watts say they believed they were hiding drugs not a body.

Karl Demetrius and Jaydene Parsons admitted helping Becky's killer Nathan Matthews move and store boxes in exchange for money.

But the court was told that never in their "wildest nightmares" did the couple imagine what was inside the suitcases.

Parsons sobbed as she entered the dock, before clinging to boyfriend as the hearing went on.

Bristol Crown Court heard 30-year-old Demetrius became woven into the brutal murder plot when he received a call from Matthews while at work.

The desperate killer, who knew police were hours away from searching his property, asked Demetrius to store bags and suitcases, promising £10,000 in return.

Demetrius agree, and told girlfriend Parsons of the plan.

After the deal had been struck, on the evening of February 24, Demetrius and girlfriend Parsons sent each other a number of messages talking about the money they would get.

She then later sent a message reading:

Prosecutor Richard Posner told the court in the early hours of February 24 last year a number of calls were exchanged between Matthews and Demetrius.

At around 1am Demetrius picked Matthews and girlfriend Shauna Hoare - who has also been convicted of killing Becky - up from a house in Southmead before driving them to their home in Barton Hill.

They then returned, just a hour later, with a white transit van, where CCTV picks up people loading "large objects" into the back.

Matthews and Hoare

When Matthews and Hoare were arrested on suspicion of Becky's murder, Demetrius and Parsons exchanged more texts, where they discussed whether the teen's step-brother was involved.

The couple were arrested after Nathan Matthews confessed to the killing and dismembering of his step-sister and told detectives where he'd hidden her body.

But the court was told that Demetrius believed he was hiding cannabis.

Through their lawyers the couple both apologised for what they'd done, and the court heard, Parsons and her family have been forced to leave Bristol - while Demetrius may need future police protection - as they'll be forever linked with the killing of Becky Watts.

The pair will be sentenced on 5 February.