Spooky sites: some of the top spots for South West ghost hunters

Berkley Castle in Gloucestershire is apparently haunted by a man screaming in agony Credit: PA

After we shared the story of carers refusing to visit the 'UK's most haunted inn' alone, here's a list of other spooky sites in the South West.


Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire has a rich and sometimes gruesome history.

It was a royal residence for more than 900 years, but is probably best known as the scene of the grisly murder of Edward II. The room where he was killed is still open to visitors, and it's said that on the anniversary of his death, a man's agonised screams can still be heard echoing throughout the castle.


The pretty village is one of the most photographed in the UK, but some think there is something more sinister in the surrounding woods. Credit: Lise McNally

Castle Combe in Wiltshire is a popular tourist destination because of its picture-perfect houses and tranquil surrounding woods.

But some visitors have reporting hearing the echoes of an invisible battle being fought on the steep hills surrounding the village. Paranormal enthusiasts have put forward the possibility that these odd shouts and the clang of metal on metal are ancient echoes of viking raid which took place in the ninth century.

And that's not even the villages oldest inhabitant - according to another legend the ghost of a roman centurion had been seen standing guard over the old roman bridge.


The Tor is mentioned in Celtic mythology, legends of King Arhur, and a number of other mythological and spiritual associations. Credit: Chris Hill

Glastonbury Tor is a hill at Glastonbury in Somerset, topped by the roofless St Michael's Tower.

The site was sacred to pagans in the area and is considered by some to be an entrance to the underworld. As such it's not surprising that people have reported ghostly phenomena from the ancient hill. Walkers have felt hands on their neck and shoulders, and a whole host of middle ages characters have been sighted, included a glowing lady in white, a black shrouded figure, and an armoured knight.


The site has been a religious order for nearly a thousand years. Credit: ITV News

Bristol Cathedral is one of England's great medieval churches, but originated as an Augustinian Abbey in 1140. A number of visitors have claimed to see a figure of a monk in a dark habit walking between the cathedral and the library.