Jail for couple who 'unwittingly' helped hide body of Becky Watts

Karl Demetrius handed two years behind bars while Jaydene Parsons was given 16 months Credit: ITV News

A couple who "unwittingly" assisted the murderer of teenager Becky Watts have been sentenced.

Becky, 16, was killed by her stepbrother Nathan Matthews after he hatched a sexually-motivated kidnap plot with his girlfriend Shauna Hoare.

Her body was dismembered with a circular saw and unknowingly hidden by Karl Demetrius, 30, and his girlfriend Jaydene Parsons, 23, in their garden shed in exchange for a share of £10,000.

Karl Demetrius and Jaydene Parsons admitted helping Becky's killer Nathan Matthews move and store boxes in exchange for money.

But the court was told that never in their "wildest nightmares" did the couple imagine what was inside the suitcases.

Becky's desperate killer, asked Demetrius to store bags and suitcases, promising the £10,000 in return. Demetrius agreed, and told girlfriend Parsons of the plan.

Sentencing, Judge Neil Ford QC told the pair: "You both knew Nathan Matthews but neither of you could have imagined that he was capable of the levels of depravity to which he descended."

"It is clear from the amount of money you were offered that you appreciated you were engaged in significant criminal conduct in order to impede the prosecution of Nathan Matthews for a suspected drugs offence which you believed he had committed."

He added that although he had "no doubt" that the couple would not have become involved had they known or suspected what Matthews had done, "the offences you assisted could have hardly been more serious."

"Those who assist offenders in ignorance of the offence that has been committed take a risk, and the punishment that follows must reflect the offence that was committed, not the mistaken belief of the person who assists the offender."