Mother's warning after daughter dies from what she thought was a cold

A mother's heartbreaking warning after her daughter died from what she thought was a cold. Credit: ITV West Country

The mother of a five-year-old girl who was suffering from what seemed like a simple cold, but then died just 18 days later, is planning to walk the coastline of Britain. >Natalia Spencer is raising money for the Grand Appeal to buy equipment for the Bristol Children's Hospital where her daughter Elizabeth was treated. Her sponsored walk around Britain will be in memory her daughter Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was a healthy, boisterous youngster. So when she caught what seemed like a cold her mother wasn't too worried.

Her mother describes Elizabeth as a 'bumblebee'. Credit: ITV West Country

But within 24 hours, she was at hospital in Gloucester and then on to the Bristol Children's Hospital when she rapidly deteriorated.

Elizabeth fell ill very quickly, within 24 hours after catching a 'cold' her condition spiralled. Credit: ITV West Country

Elizabeth had a rare illness which caused her immune system to over-react to an infection, leading to septic shock, organ failure, and eventually death on the 18 December last year.

The money Natalia raises will go toward the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal, which provides life saving equipment for the Bristol Children's Hospital.

Natalia is calling her fundraising effort 'Elizabeth's Footprint', and she has even adopted the symbol of a rainbow to reflect the dazzling personality of her little girl.

Natalia is calling her fundraising effort 'Elizabeth's Footprint'. Credit: ITV West Country