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Children come first when it comes to choosing a family holiday

Do you go off on adventures, or stay close to home? Photo: Lewis Whyld/PA

It's long been assumed that when you become a parent, your kids come first. Now new research proves that it's true, as least when it comes to family holidays.

A survey carried out by American Express found that parents across the South West are compromising on where they go on their holidays - and favouring where their children want to go.

of parents compromised on destination, ruling out multiple stops and long-haul journeys
of parents spend far longer planning their holiday
or parents abandoned the idea of a holiday lie-in altogether

My husband and I used to go on very free-spirited, independent, exotic, adventurous holidays.

Now my search terms are basically based on things I never thought I'd search for, things like kids' clubs, water parks etc.

– Sarah-Jane Rumford, mother

It's the same for many parents - we caught up with families heading off for half term.

Gemma Johnson, who runs a parenting website, is unsurprised by the findings. She says there's much more to think about when children come along.

I would say do not rush into booking a holiday and repent at leisure.

Take you time, plan, and enjoy it.

– GEMMA JOHNSON, My Family Club website

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