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Prickly but adorable porcupine twins born in Dartmouth

Mother Afryea looking after one of the twins. Photo: Woodlands Family Theme Park

Dartmouth is home to two new African Crested Porcupines. The twins have just been born at Woodlands Family Theme Park.

The babies, known as 'porcupettes', arrived on Valentines Day and are being well looked after by Mother Afryea and Father Koho.

Snuggles with Mother Afryea and Father Koho. Credit: ITV West Country

The new arrivals, who are yet to be named, join their brother and sister Tandi aged 2 and Afia aged 1.

The twins with their mother, munching on some corn on the cob. Credit: ITV West Country

The Head Keeper at the Woodlands Zoo-Farm say the duo are settling in well.

It’s great to see the porcupettes doing so well. This is the third offspring for Afryea and Koho. Mummy and Daddy are fantastic parents but are very protective of their new babies. The little ones are quite adventurous and are having great fun exploring their new home.

– Michaela Newham, Head Keeper


  • The African Crested Porcupine is the largest rodent in Africa.
  • “Porcupine" comes from the Latin ‘porcus’ for pig and ‘spina’ for spine.
  • Their wild diet consists of bark, roots and some fruit but their favourite treat is sweetcorn.

Guests can visit the porcupine family at Woodlands Zoo-Farm.